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Company Profile
Wenzhou Nova Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, is a professional paper bag machine manufacturer. Over the years, relying on the correct strategic guidelines and adhering to the concept of value co-creation, and actively participating in market competition, we have won a place for ourselves both in the domestic and international markets.
Since its establishment, our company has been building on the basis of honesty based on the three key words of "innovation, quality, and service", building "an independent, innovative, comprehensive company with technology to serve people, and service for people". , Made in Zhejiang and contributed to China’s manufacturing is our part.
"Innovation" is not only technical innovation, to achieve independent research and development, but also to innovate in the management concept of employees, to stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and to twist the entire team into a rope. This is what we are in the market competition. Soft power is our inherent advantage; "Quality" is the company's capital. Our company has always adhered to the purpose of "High quality" to ensure that every machine born from our workshop is 100% certified by ISO9001 and CE. Quality and high-quality are the embodiment of our company's hard power; as a global-oriented manufacturer, "service" is indispensable. We will regularly provide corresponding training to employees to improve their professionalism and comprehensive quality , To help customers solve their doubts and let every customer feel our professionalism and enthusiasm.
Nova has never stopped innovation; Nova has been pursuing quality; Nova has been seeking breakthroughs in service.

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Leader's speech

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Create business value for clients!
Help staff realize personal value!
Achieve company's social value!
Leader's speech

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