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Rolling feed square bottom paper bag making machine

Rolling feed square bottom paper bag making machine, it uses paper roll in blank or printed as raw material. consists of automatic centre forward glue, printing tracking, fixed length and cutting, bottom indentation, folding bottom, bottom glue. Bag bottom forming, finished bag collecting one time,The machine is more convenient, more efficient, more stable, can produce a variety of different paper bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and so on environmentally friendly paper bag machine equipment.

Rolling feed sharp bottom paper bag making machine

The machine is suitable for many kinds of environmental protection paper roll such as Kraf paper, butter paper, food grade film coated paper, medical paper, etc. It is piercing, paper edge gluing, color standard length fixing (or fixed length), raw material forming, length fixing breaking, bottom folding, bottom gluing, forming and other processes in one line.

And It is for producing environmental protection paper bags of various specifications and sizes, such as sharp bottomed paper bags, bread bags with windows, leisure food bags, dry fruit bags, etc.

Simple sharp bottom paper bag making machine

The machine is used for primary color paper or printed web paper. It is used to make paper bags with sharp bottom at one time.

And it can be used in various paper bags with high speed and efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for paper bag production.

This machine is composed of drum feeding (pneumatic feeding, automatic deviation correction, tension adjustment), side gluing,printing paper electric eye tracking,base paper into cylinder, fixed-length drawing cutting, bag bottom indentation opening, bag bottom gluing forming, bag out finishing and so on.


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